The perfect tool for the job

If you are looking for a precision tool for tying cable bundles with the right tension, you want to use a Zipits cable tie tool.

Fastening cable ties is an easy enough thing to do, but when doing cable management for a really long bunch of cables, it can become really tedious. For big projects like this, you’ll need a cable tie gun. This is the perfect solution for optimal tensioning and cable cutting to ensure that cable ties are flush and tight.

This lightweight and economical Zipits cable tie tool allows you to easily tighten cable ties to the desired tension for a maximum hold around wires. A slight twist of the tool cuts off the excess strap from the cable tie. Ergonomically designed, this tool is easy to use without straining your hands.

The cable tie gun is designed to provide the ideal solution for proper tensioning and cutting of cable ties in construction, electrical work, and many other industrial and heavy-duty tasks. Using the Zipits cable tie tool helps make bulk cable bundling jobs a lot easier and saves you a lot of time. The cable tie gun is designed to work with different cable tie materials for ease of use.

 Choose from a variety of cable ties

Zipits offers cable ties in a variety of types, colors, and sizes for your every need. From standard cable ties for everyday use to heavy-duty ties that are made for large bundles, we’ve got it all. We’re even happy to work with you on custom orders if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Still not sure what cable tie to use for your specific application? We can help you find the perfect cable tie for the perfect job. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Zipits team.